Hello, my name is Rovan Fabugais the founder of Aspiring Excellence.  

This blog is made to share my insights, experiences, thoughts and ideas about the things I think will benefit, encourage, inspire, motivate other people.

Thoughts are powerful, words are powerful but written words are more powerful. I just love sharing what I think is valuable and beneficial to people.

I write to inspire. I write to touch people’s hearts. I write to move my readers to action. I write because I have a message to share. I write to bless people and becoming a better version of myself.


Disclaimer, readers have the right to accept or reject the things that I write in this blog.

If you have some suggestions, violent reactions, corrections or what  you have in mind, just contact me through this site’s contact  page  or through this email:

rovanjeff@gmail.com / rovanjeff@yahoo.com

May your live a fantastic life

Rovan Fabugais